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23 Insanely Cool Products You Haven't Heard Of

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The months just seem to be flying by this year and what a horror show of a year 2021 has been. Less so than 2020 but still... With Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner it might be time to dust off your wishlist or start shopping early for your loved ones, especially with the recent supply chain shortages. Not to worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of the top 23 products, services and gadgets that everyone has been raving about in 2021. The best part is you don’t need to leave your house to get these deals - just click the links in the article to activate your automatic discounts. Grab these deals quick before they’re gone!

NOTE: All products featured are proudly shipped from the U.S. 🇺🇸

1. InflateR – One-Click Pump Inflates Tires In Minutes & Doubles As Powerbank

This first gadget on our list sold and shipped more than 1.5 million units worldwide in 2021 and has anyone who drives scrambling to buy it before it sells out.

Getting caught with a flat tire in the cold isn't my idea of a fun outing. This is a must have for the long drives this fall & winter – just in case! A new gadget called the InflateR should be in every car. InflateR is a small, compact, completely wireless device that can pump tires (or anything else) in just minutes.

It comes with a nozzle that plugs into the top of the device and into the tire. The moment you plug it in, you’ll see your current tire PSI on the LED screen.

Set the PSI on the base of the device and hit the power button, InflateR will instantly start inflating the tire up to the set PSI.

Once the set PSI amount hits, InflateR will shut off automatically, meaning you can start it, set it down and get back to what you were doing beforehand. It even doubles as a power bank, which means you can use it to charge your phone while driving! It can be used for anything that needs inflating – car tires, bike tires, basketballs, camping equipment or anything else you can think of.

2. Alpha Heater - The Mini Portable Heater Keeping Everyone Cozy & Warm This Winter

Americans are spending more time than ever at home or out in their backyards this year for obvious reasons. With winter just around the corner it's no wonder this mini portable heater called Alpha Heater is flying off the shelves.

Stop using prehistoric heaters that end up costing you tons of money on electricity bills. Alpha Heater has a digital temperature display to show you how warm your room is, and uses just 350 watts of power as well which makes it an energy saving device.

Alpha Heater also comes with built-in safety features. It shuts off automatically when it gets too hot or it falls over. So you can use it all day and night without worry around your kids, pets, or furniture.

3. Dodow - Use This To Fall Asleep in Less Than 10 Minutes (And Stay Asleep All Night)

Here's a unique device you probably haven't heard of... It's called Dodow and it's completely disrupting the billion dollar sleeping pill industry worldwide. Instead of taking harmful and toxic pills to try and fall asleep (that often have you feeling groggy the next morning), millions of people are now turning to Dodow.

Today, the problem of too little sleep, and the quest for more of it, is as acute as ever: 27 percent of people in a new Consumer Reports survey of 4,023 U.S. adults said they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights, and 68 percent—or an estimated 164 million Americans—struggled with sleep at least once a week.

That must be why the Dodow device has been surging in online sales these past few months. It's been scientifically proven to not only help you get to sleep faster, but to also give you a more deep and restful sleep.

It’s super simple, really. You put the circular little device on your nightstand, and it emits a soft blue light that glows in a rhythmic pattern. All you have to do is turn it on, breathe in and out with the light, and BOOM. Asleep.

Dodow was created by two insomniacs from Europe who were at their wit’s end with sleepless nights. Using what they call a “light metronome,” Dodow actually retrains your brain on how to fall asleep, which means it isn’t just some temporary fix. Lack of proper sleep has been linked to obesity, a higher chance of death and cardiac events, diabetes and a whole list of other health problems. You owe it to yourself to give Dodow a try and get a good nights sleep!

Read more about DoDow and check for special promotions.

4. KoreTrak - $49 Smartwatch Tracks Your Health & Fitness

Smartwatches tend to be bulky and extremely expensive. What if there was something with the exact same features for just a fraction of the price? Koretrak is the first flagship health tracker of the new era that is ten times cheaper than smartwatches with similar features. It is packed with advanced health functions and at the same time affordable for everyone.

The team of engineers behind Koretrak set out to design a non-bulky smartwatch with all the health tracking features you can think of.

Koretrak can monitor your heart rate, your steps, your sleep, your calories and much more.

5. Soul Insole - The Shoe Insert That Can Help Relieve Pain

Simply put, Soul Insole is the world’s first “micro-orthotic insole”.

The insoles give you the benefits of expensive orthotics – but without the price tag, office visits or clunky equipment.

You place them in your shoes (or boots, or high-heels, or even sandals) and viola! You’ll enjoy immediate, soothing relief – first to your feet, and then to your legs, back, or wherever else the pain has spread.

The insoles are super easy to use, too. They don’t require cutting or measuring, and thanks to their high-quality materials, they also last an incredibly long time – up to several years!

Even better, they haven’t changed the fit of any of my shoes, and they don’t “crowd the toe”, cause “heel slippage”, or any of that stuff that bothered me so much about “normal” insoles.

6. Bed Scrunchie: Get Flawless 5-Star Hotel Sheets With This “360 Degree” Tightening System

Want to enjoy perfectly tight & crisp bed sheets, but don’t want to go through all the effort? Easy… just get a Bed Scrunchie! This 360-degree bed sheet tightening system couldn’t be easier to use. Simply attach the clips to your fitted sheet once, then place the sheet on your bed and pull the cord tight. Bed Scrunchie automatically wraps the sheets tightly to your bed, giving you hotel-quality crispness that lasts all night long.

Fits ANY bed and sheet size! Install once and leave on – the Bed Scrunchie is 100% machine washable Quick set up – no mattress lifting required Easily turn flat sheets into fitted Lifetime guarantee and a 100-night money-back guarantee

Almost 4,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews!

7. Sleep Connection - The #1 Anti-Snoring Device You Wear On Your Wrist

There’s nothing like loud snoring and a lack of sleep to cause a rift in an otherwise great relationship or marriage. But it’s not like you can really blame your partner for their snoring, they can’t control it. Well, until now that is. A new startup just created this wearable piece of technology called Sleep Connection that actually can put an end to snoring once and for all.

Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband is a watch-like device that detects snoring using biosensors and immediately sends natural electrical pulses to reposition your body and end your snoring.

8. AirPhysio - The Doctor-Approved Life Hack That Cleans Your Lungs Naturally – Without Drugs!

If you or someone you love suffers from a lung condition, AirPhysio is the natural life hack that could completely change your life! This specially designed device uses a revolutionary method to naturally loosen phlegm in the chest – helping you breathe easier in just a few days. Not only does it help clean the lungs, it also helps increase lung capacity. It’s a must-have for anyone who has trouble breathing!

Helps relieve symptoms from asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis & more Completely safe to use – no prescription needed Uses the same technology doctors have used in hospitals for years 100% natural – no drugs or refills required! Also helps with temporary conditions like pneumonia, colds & other viruses Easy to use, easy to clean, and lasts for a lifetime

Rated 4.1 stars with 1800+ reviews – Winner of the Start-Up Of The Year and International Best Product Awards!

9. Burst Audio - All The Same Features As Airpods Pro But A Fraction of The Price

Wireless earbuds are definitely one of the coolest and most useful gadget trends of 2021. There's nothing better than grabbing your earbuds and playing music in seconds. No wires, no knots, completely hands-free. But who wants to shell out $299 for a pair of 'premium' earbuds? We've tried multiple earbud brands from Apple to Bose, to lower-priced brands. Burst Audio are one of our favorites that deliver the exact same features as the new Airpods Pro but at an affordable price.

Burst Wireless Earbuds deliver incredible performance for only $49 bucks. These earbuds are perfect for taking hands-free phone calls, working out, and deliver high-quality sound for only a fraction of the price of designer earbuds.

They also feature active noise cancelling technology so you can focus on the sound and not outside distractions.

- 4+ hours of listening time on a single charge.
- Hot Gift Item: Great gift or stocking stuffer.

10. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner - NASA Technology Cleans Your Glasses

This gadget has sold and shipped millions worldwide and has anyone who wears glasses scrambling to buy it before it sells out. It was designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps is the world's safest and most tested lens cleaning technology. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The invisible carbon technology actually repels dirt and oil, protecting your glasses in the future. Believe it or not this is the very same lens cleaning technology used by NASA.

It's extremely easy to use, you simply slide out the brush that wipes all the dust and debris off your lenses and next you use the tweezer shaped cleaning tool that has two carbon infused microfiber pads. The two pads will clean both sides of your glasses at the same time and are specifically designed to fit the grooves of your lenses (any type of glasses).

Once you're done just slide the brush back inside the cap and it will automatically recharge and clean the pads for your next use. Forget about traditional reusable microfiber cloths, with Peeps you start with a fresh set of pads every time and it never expires.

Thanks to its ultra-slim design, Peeps can be kept in your purse, golf bag, back pack, home or office to use at a moment’s notice! It’s the ultimate go anywhere lens cleaner!

Click Here To Receive An Exclusive Discount.

11. Xtra PC: Use This To Bring Your Old Computer Back To Life

When you first purchase a new computer, you're probably very excited with how fast everything loads up. But after a few months of using it you start noticing that it's getting slower and slower. Then you end up like most people with a super slow computer that drives you crazy with issues. It's incredibly frustrating when computers slow down or stop working for seemingly no reason at all. And even after all the diagnostics, upgrades, and money spent, the amount of time waiting for that spinning wheel or hourglass to disappear never seems to get any shorter. Your once new, lightning-fast, computer just keeps getting slower as each day passes.

That’s where this new gadget called Xtra PC can help. It works with any computer (Mac or Windows) made after 2004 and is definitely the fastest. easiest and cheapest solution to getting yourself a new computer without spending a large amount of money. It’s so easy that all you have to do is plug in Xtra PC and you’re good to go. Once booted, Xtra-PC bypasses the old slow operating system and turns your computer into a blazing fast high-performance computer again. It even keeps all of your existing files intact.

A brand new computer on a memory stick!

Visit the Xtra-PC homepage to learn more and see available special promotions.

12. Photostick: Backup All Your Photos & Videos With One Click

Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you've lost some of your photos and videos? Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you're missing precious photos and videos? That's why this neat gadget called the Photostick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don't just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd).

With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected... It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free! It's a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC. You just open the program and click 'GO' and it'll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick. That's how simple it is.

Click here to read more about the Photostick and check for special promotions.

13. Miracle Sheets - Self-Cleaning & Cooling Anti-Bacterial Bedsheets

There's nothing more aggravating than trying to sleep but being too hot. it’s time to get yourself some cooling anti-bacterial bedsheets. The Miracle Sheets are by far the best cooling sheets on the market right now. Most people get tired of having to constantly wash their sheets only to find they get dirty quickly again… I’m one of those people that was fed up with all the work. So when I tried Miracle Sheets I knew I’d never go back to the old ones again. Many of the high end luxury hotels have already made the switch to these.

Miracle sheets are made with an advanced all-natural silver infused cotton fabric that fights 99% of bacteria. But not only that, they are self-cleaning and cooling so you’ll get the best sleep of your life!

Try these out, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don't like them send them back for a full refund.

14. Bondic: The Ultra-Powerful Adhesive That’s Safer, Easier To Use & Less Messy Than Glue

In 2021, anyone who says they need glue simply hasn’t heard of Bondic yet! This new adhesive makes it easy to fix virtually anything – without making a mess or worrying about it breaking after a few days. All they have to do is apply Bondic using the pen-shaped device, then shine the safe UV light on it. Bondic won’t form its rock-solid bond until they’ve shined the light, so they can reshape it over and over until they get it just right. It’s absolutely amazing for DIYers… it won’t be long before glue is a thing of the past!

Bondic is 50X stronger than glue. It’s designed to last forever!

Works on any and all surfaces – metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics – you name it!

Never leaves a mess or sticky fingers behind – only bonds when exposed to UV light!

Won’t dry out since it’s not a glue. They can melt and reuse it over and over and over!

Completely safe to use, non-toxic, and no heat required!

Over 1500 5-Star Reviews. As featured in Popular Science!

15. Proton Pure - Scrub Indoor Air Clean Of Airborne Particles, Allergens and Odors

Is the air you are breathing at home safe? Millions of American's are not aware of all the nasty pollutants and allergens that could be circulating in the air you breathe. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect gift. Proton Pure was designed to help "scrub" the air inside homes and repel allergens and other pollutants. Designed with a 3 stages filtration process, this nifty product catches large particulates like lint, fibers and pet fur. Smaller particles pass on to the True HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. Finally, the activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, odors, and other lingering pollutants, leaving fresh, clean air behind. This product is CORD FREE so you can take this on the go and breathe clean air whereever you are!

16. Circa Knee Sleeve - Turn Your Knees Back 20 Years With This Compression Sleeve

With over 100 million people suffering from chronic knee pain each year and the costs for treatments constantly rising, these groundbreaking compression knee sleeves couldn’t come at a better time.

Through proper shock absorption, joint support and advanced stabilization technology, Circa Knee Sleeve relieve and protect your knees from discomfort and inflammation, helping with your knee pain.

It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one with knee pain that won't break the bank!

17. Photostick Omni: Attach It To Any Device And Instantly Have A Backup Of All Your Photos & Videos

Here's a scary fact for you to think about...1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone!

I know what you're thinking... You have cloud storage automatically backup of all your pictures and videos. Many people are quick to acknowledge that their photos are “stored in the Cloud”, but can’t tell you exactly where those private memories are being held – or who else might have access to them. Even fewer could explain how to get those memories back without needing an Internet connection. Not to mention those subscription costs. Paying $120 a year, every year, indefinitely? Not a chance.

Imagine being able to sort and save TENS of THOUSANDS of photos and videos, with practically no effort (or recurring costs). Then, being able to tuck those golden memories away in any safe place you please! That's why you need this new device called the Photostick Omni. Just plug it into any device (works on all devices!). Open the free app and click "Backup Now" and all your photos and videos will be stored on the actual device (just don't lose it).

Click here to read our detailed review about the Photostick Omni and to check for special offers.

18. SimpleHome LED Lights - Motion Sensor Lights to Guide You In The Dark

Everyone could use more light in their home. But not everyone wants to hire an electrician.

SimpleHome LED lights are beautiful, long-life LEDS you can stick anywhere you want more light. They are battery operated (and the batteries last for thousands of hours), and have state-of-the-art motion sensors, so they turn on when movement is detected in the dark. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, dark hallways, closets, and much more.

19. Snow – Get Whiter Teeth in 9 Minutes

By now you’ve probably spotted pics of celebs all over social media sporting Snow‘s signature glowing blue mouth piece. — It’s become the #1 most wished-for brand of 2021!

Snow is cheaper than dentists and easier than strips. They invented a proprietary LED-activated whitening system that removes deep wine, soda, coffee and smoking stains better than anything on the market. They even have a completely wireless and cordless solution.

With a 99% satisfaction rating, Snow now has over 500,000 happy customers worldwide (I’m one of them). I bought one of their wireless systems and love it!

20. FIXD - Diagnose Car Problems And Save Money On Unnecessary Repairs

Stay on top of your cars problems before they happen – a must have during winter! Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, many mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs.

But there’s a new device you simply plug into your car that tells you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called FIXD to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the mechanics won’t be able to lie to you!

All you have to do is plug FIXD into your onboard diagnostics port (which is usually located under the dash below the steering wheel) and then download the free FIXD app on your smartphone (Apple or Android). The app will let you know if there are any specific issues with your car in plain and easy to understand language. Not only that, but it will also provide you with an estimate of the cost to fix any issues and will let you know what the consequences are if you continue to drive with the problem. You also have the ability to reset your check engine light in the app with the click of a button.

Click Here For Our Full FIXD Review And To Check For A Special Promotion.

21. Peppy Pet Ball - Dogs Are Going Bonkers For This New Toy

Of course we can't forget our pets this fall, they also deserve some fun! How can you make sure your dog feels loved and cared for when you’re away for hours at a time? Don’t you hate the thought of them feeling alone and abandoned?

That's the feeling that prompted a group of pet owners to create the perfect dog toy to keep your friend busy while you're not at home. The Peppy Pet Ball uses artificial intelligence to create an automated play ball that engages your pet in exciting, active play, just like you were there!

And because it’s 100% non-toxic and tear resistant, your dog can chew it up all day long without concern.

It’s a smart gadget that taps into your dog’s natural hunting instincts, and keeps them healthy, active and never bored. Oh and cats love it too!

22. Kailo - The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain in Seconds

Imagine finally being able to get rid of back pain or knee pain whenever you wanted? That's exactly what the engineers behind Kailo set out to do. Kailo is a non-invasive patch that’s embedded with billions of tiny nanocapacitors. These nanocapacitors work together like a bio-antenna (more on that later) to naturally relieve pain in seconds.

The patch was very easy to use, even the first time: When I feel my back hurting, all I do is stick a Kailo on my back and in a few seconds, I feel something strange happening: Relief!

Some people describe a warming sensation, others say the pain gets “quiet”, but for many (including me), the pain just… stops.

23. BarxBuddy – Instantly Stop A Dog From Barking

If your dog has some bad behaviors like constantly barking, jumping on guests, or running towards the door whenever the doorbell rings then you might want to try out Barx Buddy. This device was created by an ex-military dog trainer who wanted to give regular people the ability to stop bad pet behavior without spending thousands of dollars on a trainer. Basically Barx Buddy is a device to help dogs get rid of bad behaviors by playing a super high pitched whistle sound that only they can hear. It doesn’t hurt them at all but it will get them to stop their behavior.

Bonus #1: Starscope - Outdoorsmen Are Going Crazy For This Device

There's a reason so many people who love hiking, camping, hunting are grabbing this before it sells out. Forget carrying around bulky binoculars, the Starscope is a must-have for anyone who wants to be able to see miles away (or take outstanding videos & pictures from miles away). If you're hunting, at a sporting event, or doing any outdoor activity - you need the Starscope.

The Starscope was designed to be insanely durable but compact enough to take with you everywhere you go. It's small, light-weight, waterproof and can withstand basically anything.

You are able to see for miles with precision and depth to get the best view and amazing photos. It also turns your smartphone camera into a high-quality zoom lens that will bring your pictures & videos to the professional level!

The Starscope is made of real, high-quality optical glass. They are multicoated just like the most expensive camera lenses, to give you super-clear images.

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