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23 Insanely Cool Products You Haven't Heard Of

Published on Friday, October 26th, 2018

We did all the hard work for you this year and put together an exclusive list of the 23 coolest, hottest selling gadgets that you probably don’t know about. (Most of these are less than $60)

With the amount of new products coming out every day, it’s no wonder you probably haven’t heard about some of these. Many of them were first started through crowdfunding (like the Neck Hammock) and then have continued to go viral.

You can add them to your own wishlist or get them as gifts for your loved ones! Simply click the links in the article if you want to learn more about them or buy them. There’s a product for everyone in this list.

1. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner - NASA Technology Cleans Your Glasses

This first gadget on our list sold and shipped more than 1.5 million units worldwide in 2018 and has anyone who wears glasses scrambling to buy it before it sells out. It was designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, Peeps is the world's safest and most tested lens cleaning technology. Peeps uses a unique invisible carbon cleaning compound to safely and easily clean your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges to dust and facial oils. The invisible carbon technology actually repels dirt and oil, protecting your glasses in the future. Believe it or not this is the very same lens cleaning technology used by NASA.

It's extremely easy to use, you simply slide out the brush that wipes all the dust and debris off your lenses and next you use the tweezer shaped cleaning tool that has two carbon infused microfiber pads. The two pads will clean both sides of your glasses at the same time and are specifically designed to fit the grooves of your lenses (any type of glasses).

Once you're done just slide the brush back inside the cap and it will automatically recharge and clean the pads for your next use. Forget about traditional reusable microfiber cloths, with Peeps you start with a fresh set of pads every time and it never expires.

Thanks to its ultra-slim design, Peeps can be kept in your purse, golf bag, back pack, home or office to use at a moment’s notice! It’s the ultimate go anywhere lens cleaner!

Click Here For Our Full Peeps Review And To Receive An Exclusive Discount.

2. FIXD - Genius Device Saves Thousands of Dollars On Unnecessary Car Repairs

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say you need a new transmission? Or has the mysterious “check engine” light come on, and next thing you know the mechanic has a list of expensive engine parts that need replacing? Unfortunately, many mechanics know taking advantage of people is easy given their lack of knowledge about car maintenance needs.

But there’s a new device you simply plug into your car that tells you exactly what’s wrong with it. If you own a car built after 1996 then you can use this brilliant new device called FIXD to instantly diagnose any car problems. This means the next time your “Check Engine Light” happens to come on, you’ll know exactly what the issue is and the mechanics won’t be able to lie to you!

All you have to do is plug FIXD into your onboard diagnostics port (which is usually located under the dash below the steering wheel) and then download the free FIXD app on your smartphone (Apple or Android). The app will let you know if there are any specific issues with your car in plain and easy to understand language. Not only that, but it will also provide you with an estimate of the cost to fix any issues and will let you know what the consequences are if you continue to drive with the problem. You also have the ability to reset your check engine light in the app with the click of a button.

Click Here For Our Full FIXD Review And To Check For A Special Promotion.

3. Dodow - Use This To Fall Asleep in Less Than 10 Minutes (And Stay Asleep All Night)

Here's a unique device you probably haven't heard of... It's called Dodow and it's completely disrupting the billion dollar sleeping pill industry worldwide. Instead of taking harmful and toxic pills to try and fall asleep (that often have you feeling groggy the next morning), millions of people are now turning to Dodow.

Today, the problem of too little sleep, and the quest for more of it, is as acute as ever: 27 percent of people in a new Consumer Reports survey of 4,023 U.S. adults said they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights, and 68 percent—or an estimated 164 million Americans—struggled with sleep at least once a week.

That must be why the Dodow device has been surging in online sales these past few months. It's been scientifically proven to not only help you get to sleep faster, but to also give you a more deep and restful sleep.

It’s super simple, really. You put the circular little device on your nightstand, and it emits a soft blue light that glows in a rhythmic pattern. All you have to do is turn it on, breathe in and out with the light, and BOOM. Asleep.

Dodow was created by two insomniacs from Europe who were at their wit’s end with sleepless nights. Using what they call a “light metronome,” Dodow actually retrains your brain on how to fall asleep, which means it isn’t just some temporary fix. Lack of proper sleep has been linked to obesity, a higher chance of death and cardiac events, diabetes and a whole list of other health problems. You owe it to yourself to give Dodow a try and get a good nights sleep!

Read more about DoDow and check for special promotions.

4. XY Find It - Locate Any Item In Seconds

Let’s face it, as we get older, we seem to misplace things more often. But when you attach this coin-sized tracking device to an item you can see exactly where it is at all times. The XY Find It app enlists the help of millions of users to locate your lost bag, bike or even dog. The XY Find It app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location. If you realize you left your bag in another location, all the other XY Find It users (millions of people) in the network are used to pinpoint your lost items exact location. But what happens if you can’t find your phone? Use XY Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. XY Find It helps you keep your stuff...especially if you’re a chronic (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag) "misplacer" like me.

Check out our detailed write-up on XY Find It and check for special offers.

5. Vivian Lou Insoles: How To Wear Any Pair Of Heels Without Pain!

If you're a woman, you know just how uncomfortable spending a night in high heels can be. Sure, they make your legs look great and add a boost of confidence in your stride, but for many it's just not worth the pain. But just maybe you don't have to give up those expensive (but uncomfortable) Jimmy Choos just yet... There's a new genius product called Vivian Lou that women are now using to turn their high heels into comfortable walking shoes. With over 1,657 5 Star Reviews this product is no joke and actually works!

Vivian Lou has received high praise from news outlets such as Forbes, Good Morning America and USA Today. They have even been tested and earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

If you're a guy then maybe this is the perfect gift to give your significant other (she'll love you for it, we promise). If you're a woman who wants to be able to wear high heels in comfort, try Vivian Lou now!

Visit the Vivian Lou homepage to learn more about this product and to check special promotions.

6. Keysmart - The Keychain of The Future

You might be thinking that you already have a keychain. But it probably doesn’t compare to this new futuristic keychain. Here’s a fact everyone can agree upon: bulky keychains are both unsightly and cumbersome to handle. Not to mention, they won’t protect your pockets from getting shredded to bits by your expansive key collection.

That’s where the KeySmart comes in. This handy key organizer offers a simple, elegant solution for organizing your keys – allowing you to eliminate your keychain for good. Let’s start with the basics: this durable key holder can hold up to 14 keys in a compact fashion, and is durable to boot. It consists of two 3mm thick plates made of aircraft grade aluminum, meaning you won’t have to worry about handling it with kid gloves. No surprise, then, that we also guarantee that the KeySmart will take anything life throws at it. Take it anywhere – from work, to the beach, and much more – knowing it won’t get dented or scratch easily.

You won’t have to worry about the contents of your pockets getting scratched, either! For instance, you can rest assured your keys won’t scratch your phone. And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to walk around without being heard a mile away due to your keys jingling and jangling about – as they would on a conventional keychain.

And how’s this for ultimate convenience? The KeySmart boasts a built-in clip that allows you to attach it to any pocket, belt, or bag. (If you’d prefer to go without the clip, you can easily remove it.) You can even customize your KeySmart by adding accessories like USB drives and bottle openers to it, all available separately on the KeySmart website.

Read our full KeySmart Pro review and check for special promos.

7. Accupoint - Eliminate Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a real thing that just seems to become more frequent as we age. If you or a loved one is in pain it can frustrating and can even hold you back from your favorite activities. Whether it’s back pain, knee pain, neck pain, or other body parts, being in pain takes away from your quality of life.

A new device designed to reduce pain called Accupoint is gaining massive popularity. Accupoint’s electronic pain relief pad can provide pain relief in just seconds. This drug free alternative can be used virtually anywhere and can provide pain relief at home, at work, and even on-the-go.

Compact, lightweight, and wireless. Accupoint provides an adjustable electronic pulse that can safely block pain signals.

Visit the Accupoint homepage to learn more.

8. Energix - Wirelessly Charge Any Smartphone

With EnergixCharge you’ll never have to fiddle with cords again. Just put your phone down to charge and pick it back up when you’re ready to go. It makes the perfect partner for any desk or nightstand.

What’s even more impressive is that while delivering a wireless charge most phones will see a massive improvement in battery life, data streaming, and overall performance.

Visit the EnergeixCharge official website for more info and to check special offers.

9. MindinSole - An Ancient Reflexology Trick To Help Relieve Back & Knee Pain

Aging isn’t fun, and a lot of people don’t like to admit their body isn’t quite what it was when they were young. But who can say no to a foot massage? Foot pain, no matter how much or how little it hurts, it sets a precedent for underlying health issues to come.

Taking inspiration from the ancient practice of reflexology, MindInsole will massage your way to better health. The magnetized insoles will stimulate precise pressure points on the soles of your feet to relieve strains, reduce pain, and boost your energy levels.

On each insole, there are 400 accupoints to target key areas of your body. Reduce your back pain and release harmful toxins from your body – MindInsole is just like having a massage therapist wherever you go.

10. NightGuide HD: The #1 Solution for Night Time Driving

According to the National Safety Council, nighttime driving is 3x more dangerous than driving during the daylight hours. Reduced vision, bright lights, and glare from oncoming traffic affect millions of drivers each night. Wearing NightGuide HD glasses dramatically reduces the risk involved in driving under low light or foggy conditions.

In fact, NightGuide was voted the #1 solution for safe driving at night. The specialized yellow tint provides 100% UV protection while enhancing contrast and clarity. This leads to less strain on your eyes which can cause drowsiness and migraines. NightGuide HD glasses are also lightweight and designed to fit easily over prescription glasses.

Try these high-definition lenses today and you will notice an increase in your vision the second you put them on.

Visit the NightGuideHD homepage to learn more and check special promotions.

11. Xtra PC: Use This To Bring Your Old Computer Back To Life

When you first purchase a new computer, you're probably very excited with how fast everything loads up. But after a few months of using it you start noticing that it's getting slower and slower. Then you end up like most people with a super slow computer that drives you crazy with issues. It's incredibly frustrating when computers slow down or stop working for seemingly no reason at all. And even after all the diagnostics, upgrades, and money spent, the amount of time waiting for that spinning wheel or hourglass to disappear never seems to get any shorter. Your once new, lightning-fast, computer just keeps getting slower as each day passes.

That’s where this new gadget called Xtra PC can help. It works with any computer (Mac or Windows) made after 2004 and is definitely the fastest. easiest and cheapest solution to getting yourself a new computer without spending a large amount of money. It’s so easy that all you have to do is plug in Xtra PC and you’re good to go. Once booted, Xtra-PC bypasses the old slow operating system and turns your computer into a blazing fast high-performance computer again. It even keeps all of your existing files intact.

A brand new computer on a memory stick!

Visit the Xtra-PC homepage to learn more and see available special promotions.

12. Photostick: Backup All Your Photos & Videos With One Click

Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you've lost some of your photos and videos? Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you're missing precious photos and videos? That's why this neat gadget called the Photostick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don't just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd).

With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected... It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free! It's a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC. You just open the program and click 'GO' and it'll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick. That's how simple it is.

Click here to read more about the Photostick and check for special promotions.

13. HeatBuddy - Heat A Room In Minutes (And Save $100's)

Days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder. Heat up an entire room in < 20 minutes. After a long and hot summer, you need to be ready for a cold winter. Don’t be caught in the middle of a snowstorm, bundled up with 3 layers of clothing wishing you had your own HeatBuddy. Portable and with adjustable settings, HeatBuddy helps you and your family make life easier one room at a time! This is a no brainer when it comes to saving money on your heating costs this winter... rather than leaving your heating on all day and all night, use the HeatBuddy to heat up your rooms fast and efficiently. Overall this could end up saving you a lot of money in the winter.

14. Glowbowl Fresh - Never Stumble Around Trying To Find The Toilet Again

Bathroom trips at night can be a real pain in the you know what. Having to get out of bed, stumbling around to find the light only to be fully woken up when you finally turn it on. As my dad gets older, he has to go to the bathroom at least twice a night. So this year I purchased something for him that he'll actually use. It's called the Glowbowl, and it's a motion activated gadget that sits inside the toilet bowl. When you enter the washroom, the toilet lights up (you can set whichever color you want). It also has a built in air-freshener to leave the bathroom smelling great.

Click here to visit the GlowBowl homepage and to check for special offers.

15. Tub Shroom - NEVER Worry About A Clogged Bathtub Drain or Expensive Plumber Bills Again!

There's nothing more annoying than taking a nice relaxing shower only to see dirty water bubbling back up the drain. That's why this innovative tiny gadget made our list this year. Tub Shroom won the Kitchen & Bath Business 2018 Product Innovator Award because it's an easy and inexpensive solution (less than $20) to a problem that we all have. Over 2 million homeowners have purchased a Tub Shroom and saved themselves the hassle of having clogged drains. It's so simple to use, unlike other drain catchers that sit on top of the drain, TubShroom slides inside the bathtub drain where it collects the hair. The decorative top hides the hair it catches out of view while you shower and the unique mushroom cap makes it easy to grab and pull out for quick, easy cleaning. Even more clever, the many strategically placed holes in TubShroom help ensure water flows freely while hair, and other small objects like toy parts and expensive jewelry, are caught!

16. VIZR - Turns Your Smartphone Into A Fully Equipped Heads Up Display For Your Car

Give the gift of the future with this new gadget. This brilliant device turns your smartphone into a heads up display for your car. It’s called VIZR – and although it was only just released, it’s taken the Internet by storm. All you have to do is take it out of the box and place it on your dash, place your smartphone on top of it and let it do all the navigating while you drive. It’s a transparent display that works in any weather, day or night. It also fits any smartphone no matter the size, and it’s slip resistant. Best of all, there are tons of apps available that you can use to see traffic conditions, a speedometer, street maps & much more. You can use it in any car – it has an ultra-grip mat that leaves no messy residue on the dash. We can see this being one of the most purchased gifts this year, so check it out while it’s still available.

Read our detailed review on VIZR and check for available special promotions.

17. Photostick Mobile: Attach It To Your Phone And Instantly Have A Backup Of All Your Photos & Videos

Here's a scary fact for you to think about...1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone!

I know what you're thinking... You have cloud storage automatically backup of all your pictures and videos. Many people are quick to acknowledge that their photos are “stored in the Cloud”, but can’t tell you exactly where those private memories are being held – or who else might have access to them. Even fewer could explain how to get those memories back without needing an Internet connection. Not to mention those subscription costs. Paying $120 a year, every year, indefinitely? Not a chance.

Imagine being able to sort and save TENS of THOUSANDS of photos and videos, with practically no effort (or recurring costs). Then, being able to tuck those golden memories away in any safe place you please! That's why you need this new device called the Photostick Mobile. Just plug it into your phone (works for both Android, iPhone, and iPad). Open the free app and click "Backup Now" and all your photos and videos will be stored on the actual device (just don't lose it).

Click here to read our detailed review about Photostick Mobile and to check for special offers.

18. Super Boost WiFi - Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home

Imagine getting home after an 8-hour shift and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Post-work bathroom break in the comforts of your home. Just you, your phone, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally comfortable on your porcelain throne and the WiFi doesn’t quite reach your upstairs bathroom.

First world problems? Maybe. With the Super WiFi Booster you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner. Don’t let this simple problem get in the way if your ‘Me-time’. You’ll thank me later.

19. HD Cube Pro - The Drone That Fits In Your Pocket

Always been interested in drones but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect beginner-entry to the world of the drone. Unlike those big (and expensive) ones that need a backpack just to hold it, this is the same size as your smartphone – at a fraction of the cost!

Charge the battery, install the app and in less than 10 seconds you will be ready to go. Control the drone’s flight at the ease of your smartphone. Show this off to your friends as you capture amazing photos and videos from impossible angles! Become a drone expert without committing to the big price tag of other devices today!

20. Neck Hammock - Relieve Your Neck Pain In Just 10 Minutes

We couldn’t have our viral product list without mentioning one of our favorites from 2018, the Neck Hammock. After raising over $901,058 on KickStarter, this start up idea quickly became a reality and went viral after celebrities shared pictures of them using it across social media channels. Sitting at the computer all day can cause a bunch of problems including neck pain & stiffness. That's why the Neck Hammock was created. This new gadget was designed by an actual physiotherapist and uses cervical traction to relax tight neck muscles and promote better neck mobility, reducing pain and allowing you to live life again. It's a great gift that you probably didn't even think existed!

Read our full Neck Hammock review to learn more and check for availability.

21. Crash Safe – The Phone Charger That Could Actually Save A Life!

There are over 5.4 million car crashes every year in the USA. While we’d all like to think that we or our loved ones will never experience a serious car accident, it pays to be prepared.

Car safety experts have argued for years that drivers should carry window smashers and seat belt cutters that are easily accessible in a car wreck. Do you? Even if you are one of the few drivers that carry these safety devices, you’ve probably kept them in your glovebox – dangerously far out of reach during in an accident. Fortunately, there is a revolutionary new device called the CrashSafe which is designed to be within arms reach in any car emergency. This one-of-a-kind emergency tool comes loaded with features like being a phone charger, and is designed to be plugged directly into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) making it easily accessible for when you need it most. The CrashSafe can be used as a phone charger, window smasher, seat belt cutter, or even an LED flashlight!

22. EcoGreen Charcoal Bags - Healthier Than Febreeze

Hang up this bad boy and you’ve got a fresh room for two years. Shoe rack? Clean. Trash can area? Clean. Laundry hamper? Clean. The magic of activated charcoal continues to give as scientists discover new ways to use its already-proven purifying power. Imagine never having to spray a bottle again. Right now we’re having a package deal: the more you get, the more you can save. Check it out now.

23. Sky Link - Grab Free TV (Legally!)

Did you know you can get network TV channels without paying greedy cable companies hundreds of dollars every year? This HDTV Antenna is getting millions of Americans to finally call it quits on their cable companies. No subscriptions, no bills, and no rising rates year after year. It works by grabbing the signal already being broadcasted by companies, and the best part is: it’s legal! Buy this once, and you’ll have network TV whenever you want. But get it soon, who knows when cable companies will lobby Congress to get rid of these!

Bonus #1: Pest Defender: Rid Your Home Of Buys And Mice (Chemical Free)

We decided to throw in a bonus product that we've seen many homeowners purchasing for the winter months. Mice, rats, bugs, and other pests seek shelter and warmth during the cold winter months and who wants to deal with all that? That's why we're telling people about this genius gadget called the Pest Defender. The Pest Defender device emits ultrasonic waves that are silent to humans and pets, but make your home unbearable to insects and vermin. Plug this device into your wall socket and you'll be rid of bugs and mice forever.

Pest Defender is the simple, chemical-free, easy-to-use, and cost effective solution if you have mice or bugs in your home. It's also a great way to prevent those nasty rodents and bugs from ever stepping foot in your house.

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